Simple is the new beauty

Whether you are after a sophisticated look or if you want that extra charm... We all have our inner beauty and one way to show this, is by showing our styles. The easiest way to show our style is with our choice of clothes.  Who says you can't make a T-Shirt look sexy?  

Go for the classic look and show people what you've got, inside... 

Look at Ruby Rose.  

Ruby Rose

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Ruby Rose makes a simple singlet/tank top go a long way, don't you think? 

So how do we become more sexy like that... Well, it has all to do with confidence.

At Moonbeam Distribution, we offer clothes that are high quality made material to last you for a long time.  They are all classic pieces to have in the wardrobe.  Get things that will not go out of fashion but are also extremely damn comfortable. 

Please submit pictures of yourself wearing the clothes bought from Moonbeam Distribution, and post it on your Instagram page and tag us and we will send you a surprise gift in the mail. 

Believe in yourself, and in inner beauty.

Love always,

the M|D Team

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